Reading Ladies

Developing and delivering language support for learners whose first language is not English has changed over the last decade.

In this vein, ‘Reading Ladies’ model was developed in 2010 to support language development through informal learning. Over the last 6 years the model has been enhanced through learning from the local delivery combined with European work.

Three years ago, as part of the European work, sharing good practices in the field of using IT to bridge the gap between young people and older people ‘Reading Ladies’, model was extended to include IT, introducing online and offline teaching. Six months later came the English My Way programme with blended learning approach.

Over the last 2½ years GOAL has been successfully delivering the English My Way programme using the Reading Ladies model. This programme has been a great source of research in supporting individuals with language development.

Case studies developed over the last two years show true progression amongst learners. Language development is very much dependent on individual needs.

Over the years we have seen many learners come to classes who have previously attended English classes in the community. For many of them there has been very little progression, which has resulted in them losing confidence.

So where is the failure, in the programmes; the delivery or the lack of enthusiasm on the part of the learner?