Learners are Humans!

The take up of English classes have been overwhelming, a testament to GOAL’s delivery. All credit goes to the tutors.

Thanks to the flexibility offered by the ‘English My Way’ programme, it has been possible to tailor the programme to suit the need of the learners.

In order to support learners at the early stages of their learning journey, it is important to have a flexible programme that suits their need.

It’s important to remember that learners are human beings with individual needs therefore any learning has to meet the need of the learner.

Sadly, for many years (too many unfortunately) language support in the community has been ineffective and we are working with learners today who have been accessing English classes for years, yet they are unable to write their name!

Where is it all going wrong? Who is being held accountable? Let’s move away from token gestures and really deliver programmes that have REAL impact on individuals’ lives, who can in return become active members of the community contributing to the local economy in the very least developing themselves, gaining confidence to develop their paths to their learning journeys.