Big push for language development

The big push by the government in 2014 to support language development, focussing on adults who have low English language skills or none at all was admirable. The real test would be the success shown through impact it would have on individuals at the local level.

‘English My Way’ programme developed by Tinder Foundation in conjunction with the British Council and BBC Learning English was a blended programme that was designed to be delivered through mix of tutor led sessions, online activities and group activities.

The programme came with great set of resources that could be utilised by the tutors to support learning.

For many individuals, especially those with no English language the programme would a lifeline; first step into the world of learning.

As with most government programmes that expect so much for so little, this was no different. With such high IT content, learners felt alienated from the very first steps. The expectations were very optimistic. Time would tell how learners would take to the programme.

With our bid to become a leading digital nation by 2020 are we running before we can walk?