World is really a small place!

I have spent the last 5 years travelling from exotic far-east destinations to cold European countries, participating in book fairs and more recently, I have been involved in European projects.

I’ve met some truly inspirational people as well as good old fashioned traditionalists. I’ve had great adventures and some close shaves!

Men think I should be at home, producing children and baking cookies!! which would certainly be a challenge as my cooking skills leave something to be desired? Women, well some of them are intrigued by my adventures whilst others think I am corrupting influence on other women.

As a single, Muslim woman who is over the hill, (in terms of an ideal marriage age in my culture!!) it’s an interesting ride; trying to maintain the fine line between religion and culture.

I often hear from others, you’re so lucky you get to travel. Aren’t you scared when you travel alone?

Truth be told, I still do stupid things. I still get lost and end up in dark alleys where no man (or woman) will go but you live and learn.

I’ve started this blog to share my experiences about amazing people; especially women that I have met; beautiful places I’ve discovered and hopefully hear from others about their adventures, especially challenges for women travelling.

As the cliché goes, ‘World is really a small place’. Regardless of where we are in the world, we all share similar struggles but the difference is how we deal with these hardships. It’s the hard times that make us stronger.